Our Firm

Our Firm

Andreas Bagus & Partners  (ABP) Advocates is an Indonesian Leading Bankruptcy and Corporate Full Services Law Firm. ABP Advocates is a dynamic and fast growing law firm, consists of young smart and creative advocates. Located in Depok Town, ABP Advocates founded by Andreas Christian Aditya and Bagus Wicaksono in 2015.

ABP’s commitment is to understand and focus on what client’s needs. By providing the best legal services, ABP Advocates will help client in protecting its business from any legal challenges anywhere in Indonesia. The combination of well-experienced and dedicated team members will ensure that your legal problems will be effectively solved.

ABP’s practice area coversDebt & Corporate Restructuring, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Property Law, Family Law, and Criminal Law.


To Become Indonesian Leading Bankruptcy and Corporate Full Services Law Firm


To protect our clients business on bankruptcy and other financial or corporate matters.

Our Core Values

Below are our core values that we use as our fundamental principles to live our daily life and to provide our services to our clients, colleagues, and communities.

  1. Smart and Integrity Lawyer
  2. Young and Creative Lawyer
  3. Excellence and Best Quality Services
  4. Cultivating Culture of Creativity;
  5. Consistent Care for Our Clients.

Fee Structures

  1. Hourly Fee System: This is the most common method by which our office charges fees to clients. Under this system we charge clients for the actual time spent by our lawyers that are assigned to the case

B. Project Fee System: This system would be beneficial to the client for transactions that are normally standard and can be readily quantifiable. In this system we would quote a lump sum fee for the whole project with details of the scope of works covered. Any work beyond the scope of work or time beyond a capped limit would be charged separately. In order to set on appropriate lump sum fee, we would firstly have to know the scope of work required by the client.

C. Retainer Fee System: In this system the client pays us a fixed retainer monthly/annually, which will allow the client to utilize our services up to a pre-set time limit during the retainer period. Any time beyond the set limit will be charged additionally based on the applicable hourly fees of the lawyers handling the case (however with a pre-agreed discount). This system will provide the client with substantial savings if we are utilized effectively. More details for of the retainer arrangement will be set forth in the retainer agreement. Please note that all the fee systems above require the client to pay out-of-pocket expenses (e.g. traveling, long distance calls, photocopies, faxes, etc.).

We believe our experience and expertise in this area of law will support each client’s objectives of achieving the best possible outcome, whether it be precautionary of any business interruption or seeking first step of remedies for avoiding litigation case.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are pleased to give our competitive fee on these respective system solution for your legal problems with a price effective cost, please contact us now at hello@abpadvocates.com or phone : +621 872 9277.

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